Decorating a house using skirting boards

A skirting board is also known as a baseboard. This is a wooden board running along the base of an interior wall. This board is fixed on the base of an interior wall to increase the aesthetic value of a house as well as make the interior of the house look great. Skirting boards are made from different kind of materials. MDF skirting board is the most common type of skirting boards. Skirting boards are of different designs as per the requirements of different clients. Different designs of skirting boards are used to bring out different interior decorative designs.

Types of skirting boards.

1. MDF small York skirting boards – this type of skirting board comes in various thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 50 mm. These skirting boards are perfect for rosette corners. They are perfect to decorate living rooms as well as workplaces.

2. MDF turret blocks - This skirting boards are made for both interior and exterior corners. They give a room a more professional look. The basic height for this blocks is 230mm but they can be offered in larger heights upon request.

3. Oak Victorian skirting boards – this is a 20mm thick skirting board designed with the Victorian design. It normally comes unfurnished allowing one to choose the best finishing style for their room.

4. MDF Queen Anne skirting boards – this is one classic design of MDF skirting board. It is designed to give the interior of any house a great architectural look. This skirting board is available in various thicknesses as per the needs of any client.


Skirting boards are a unique way of enhancing the interior look and design for any house or office. The skirting boards are readily available, are not expensive and a great way to decorate the interior of a house.